Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Juices Going

I'm caught up in a Flash-a-thon on Zoetrope this week. It's a great way for me to assuage the guilt I've been feeling for not working on my novel lately.

I participated in one of these about a year ago, and it was a rush. Not only was I pushed to write, fast and furious, as many flash fictions as I could possibly get out, but I had the complete pleasure of reading lots and lots of other writers' flashes. I became a fan of so many new (to me) writers who frequent the Zoetrope flash forum.

Feedback is such an important thing for me. I can critique and submit flashes to Zoe and feel a sense of belonging that comes with community. But I think this atmosphere is unique on Zoe to the Flash Forum.

The same just doesn't hold true for the novella wing. I've wondered why this is. Is it because reading and critiquing a piece of someone's novel is more of an investment in time? Maybe it's because reading something from start to finish is difficult, given that writings are posted in digestible chunks. Or that it's unlikely that anyone will read my book from start to finish for the same reasons.

Either way, I'm on the prowl for a writer's group where I can get feedback for my novel.

In the meantime, it's flash, Flash FLASH until I drop.