Thursday, May 31, 2007

Literary Discussion Groups

I long for a literary discussion group...someone to read with and talk about books. A group of women I know started a group, but it only met for three months before the women started whining about how it was too much work to do the reading. Sigh.

I could go to the internet and look for a group in Seattle. Surely there must be one that also has enough technical prowess to be able to advertise in a way where I can find them. I came across a blog of a discussion group in Sarasota through an email exchange with a woman I met on Nathan Bransford's blog. The group's reading list is incredible and goes back ten years.

I wonder if the group has remained static in its membership all this time. There must be a core group which has maintained attendance over the years. What do they know of each other's lives outside of their monthly discussions of Kundera or Murdock or Garcia-Marquez? How much could you learn about a person over ten years by discussing nothing but literature?

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