Friday, April 27, 2007

Novel Finished

I completed Giving It Over several months ago and am embarking on that oh-so-fun quest for representation. I've used Writer's Query and the Writer's Market to find agents and have been sending off whatever their guidelines stipulate, one or two at a time. A few have asked to see pages. One agent, whom I met at the Whidbey Island writer's conference told me that she thought the premise of the story was good and wanted to see the first fifty pages. "Now, all we need to know is whether or not you can write."

Apparently, she thought that I couldn't write, because, after reading the first 75 pages of the novel, she have all others.

Now, I know that agents are busy folks. I have refrained from dogging anyone and asking those burning questions: WTF? and Could you throw me a bone, please?

Whether or not my YA novel ever gets published, I've met many other extremely good, unpublished novelists. I belong to a small, online writer's group, comprised of novelists, short story and flash fiction writers and a few poets. With their support, I finished my first novel and have begun outlining another. They taught me to set aside my fears about never being published and give myself over to the process. Not such a bad deal after all, huh?


David L. McAfee said...

Don't worry, rejection is just part of the game. My first novel was rejected by several people who requested partials, too. That one's in a drawer right now. After another long string of rejections, my second novel actually landed an agent. It's not published yet, but I'm still hopeful.

ORION said...

I can't believe it. I used to live in Snohomish (on eliot road and I worked at Valley General Hospital in Monroe for years! I showed the hunters and jumpers at the Monroe Fairgrounds!
Small world!
I will be doing a reading at the Everett library sometime in September! (It is in the process of being scheduled!) I hope you make it and i can sign your book!
Thanks for commenting.