Thursday, May 27, 2004

Sisters in Crime!

Today, I went to the web site, Sisters in Crime. My friend, Esta, gave me some info on it after I showed her a piece I'd written about what it was like working at the Long Beach Police Department as a clerk.

Sisters in Crime is an organization based out of the mid-west, with branchs all over the country. It turns out that there is a chapter in this area, and the current chapter leader is based in Everett, Washington! I emailed her, and she wrote back with information about when they meet and what they do.

The local chapter is comprised of writers and readers, men and women (she said in her email, "guys can be sisters too." There is at least one well known mystery writer in the bunch.

So, I plan to go when they meet again in June. Here's the web site of the organization:

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